About Purple Rose Beauty Supply Store

Meet the owners Bryant and Whitney Farmer. The owners of 1 of the 4 Black-owned Beauty Supply Store Companies in Arkansas, Purple Rose Beauty Supply Store, Whitney and Bryant Farmer. This dynamic couple works full time, has three kids, and still operates a business. They are building something together they inspire and encourage one another.

Being a licensed cosmetologist, driven by her passion for hair and inspired by her dream to start a Black-owned beauty supply store, the Farmer’s founded the Purple Rose Beauty Supply Store. Whitney is the inspiration behind the company’s name. She said it's because she loves the color purple, and she loves roses. It is from those two loves that the name Purple Rose birthed. They agreed that the main inspiration to open the store came from several reasons like leaving a legacy for their children, creating freedom of time, and building group economics. They wanted a place where customers could buy products they need, and also a place where customers could have a place where they would be met with respect and care.

Being a supportive husband and seeing Whitney’s vision inspired Bryant to become a bigger part and fulfill Whitney’s vision of Purple Rose Beauty Supply Store. Bryant wanted to open the business to have a local place that supplied products for men, especially products for Beard care, such as Beard butter, Beard shampoo, Beard Conditioner, and Beard Balm. Not only does Purple Rose specialize in products for men, they also carry products for women, children, and diverse ethnic groups. They carry chemicals and natural hair care products, hair accessories, candles, skin care products, hair and body oils, essential oils, a variety of Shea butters, and beaded jewelry. They also stock a full range of hair products such as Indian and Brazilian bundles, wigs, closures, braid and crochet hair, sew-ins, and extensions. Crochet hair, Synthetic wigs, and Hair color are their biggest sellers. Whitney uses her 9 years of cosmetologist experience to guide and direct customers to the right products and solutions for various hair types. Whitney also is well-knowledge when it comes to natural hair care and natural hair styles from being natural for 12 years. At Purple Rose Beauty Supply Store, we give opportunities to smaller businesses that are looking for shelf space and to gain and bigger audience. At Purple Rose Beauty Supply Store enhancing your beauty is our business!

  • Natural Product
  • Men Products
  • Hair Care
  • Hair Accessories
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